Faraja Orphans Rescue Ministry
Mobile: +255 784 600 325
Land: +255 28 26 22 815

Samuel Mpanilehi
Email: info@form-tz.org

Our Projects

Our philosophy is that the core elements of this ministry should become independently sustainable. To that end, we engage ourselves and the children in projects that provide money and other resources to our ministry. To the degree possible, the children are involved in these projects to the extent of their abilities.

Projects not only provide resources, they provide the children with skills they can use as adults to help support themselves.

Vacation Bible School

This annual event offers the Faraja kids the opportunity to learn about Jesus in a variety of ways and to just have fun.

Computer course

FORM?s latest project has started! We have received 8 computers from  a charitable organization of the USA. Because there are 13 orphans now that did not pass the grade 7 exams and are therefore not allowed to attend Secondary School, FORM made a plan to ensure further education. Additionally, FORM hopes soon to provide computer services to the community to receive some income. When  the computer students will be  well-educated some of them can be employed by FORM to run the computer services.

A friend of FORM offered Faraja his help by sharing his knowledge about cars with the orphans that did not pass grade 7 exams. As he says he will do it for free though of his own critical financial situation we hope that this promise will be reliable and provide an employment chance for those who will not get a job though of their computer knowledge.

Soft Loan Program

We also offer a soft loan program for the families of the children in our program and Older Children who have finished their primary School or Secondary School but have no funds to start a small income generating activity.  These loans are used to aid the families in setting up small businesses to generate income and establishing economic stability. Families who are interested in the soft loan program participate in an entrepreneurship workshop to present their ideas for their small business, and to learn strategies and tools for sustaining that business.  This does not however guarantee that they will receive a loan.  Participants are assigned to groups according to areas of interest, and must then start the business and prove their ability to run and sustain that business for a period of three months.  Once participants have gone through this trial period, FORM aids them with the soft loan to expand and sustain their business.  On these loans, FORM charges a fifteen percent interest which is then put back into the budget for FORM.

Natural Medicines

Anamed medicines are scarce and expensive in Musoma. Therefor FORM is working with groups who cultivate and produce natural medicines.

One source is HUYAMU, a ministry of the local diocese of the African Inland Church. Another source is ANAMED who held a workshop attended by FORM personnel.

  FORM has recently started its own natural medicines and nutrition shamba ("garden") in the Makoko area of Musoma. The artemesia ("natural medicine") is used for curing malaria and the rice for nutrition.

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