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up date: April 2017
Amani Secondary School


 We are planning to start constructing "Amani Secondary School". Our prayer to God is by January 2018 to start form I. We thank God that already all our building  plans have been approved. we also have building permit. we are just praying for God's provision for the needed funds. However, we are so thankful before God, for provision of 5.000 Euro already for this purposes. If God calls you to donate anything towards this project, kindly feel free to email us at any time for more details.We will appreciate any kind of support that you will be able to offer towards this project.

Up date 02.10.2014: "Part of our School compound"

Many people have been supporting us in the School project, thank you so much, may the Lord bless you! In recent times, a considerable part of the  recent construction costs of the classroom buildings could be covered from the School income! So we really believe that this as a way towards a longterm perspective for FORM

FORM Kitchen Project:


 Few weeks a go our kitchen was fallen down due to the heavey rain which was associated by the wind! We had no place to cook, as it is rain season here this made the things even more hard. We are glad that under the kindness of some friends have managed to build the new kitchen and it has been roofed now!


Up date 04th Jan. 2012

The new School building has been roofed part of it! Praise God for His provision! Kindly, continue to pray for the rest of the work!

Up date 07th December 2011

The New School building is ready to be roofed! Praise God!! Kindly continue to pray for us as we look for possible sponsors for the roofing project! on 09th January 2012 the building will be in use! As we will be having grade III at our School.

Up date 13th November 2011

The foundation is readyWe are glad that the foundation for the new school building is ready! Thanks for your continued support.

Up date 3th November 2011

The construction of the foundation of the new School building has started!! Please continue to pray for this new project! Our prayer to God is at the end of December 2011 the building should be finished, as we hope to use it in the coming new academic year January 2012, Lord willing!

Up date November 2011

The current building is growing!! Thank you all for you are continued support and prayers, towards God's work at FORM!!

 Updated: August 2011

We are glad that through the kind help of some friends we are continuing with the finishing work on our School building phase I. Thank you all who made this possible.

Up dated: 29th January 2011

Construction Project Progress:
We are glad that our School building has been roofed and we hope to be able to move to our new plot in January 2011. We still need help for plaster, floor and paints.If you would like to support us in any way, kindly feel free to email us any time for more details.

Toilets are already painted inside and out side
up dated: 29.12.2010

The Toilet is almost ready:


Up date 26/09/2010

up date 23/07/2010

School building progress

Water supply is a great challenge at our project!!

Up date 20/0

We have managed to finish the construction of the store at our new place! It is now on use. Praise God! Lord willing, this week the foundation for 2 classrooms will be finished! Few photos can be found at our photo gallery (page 4).
We still need you help to finish the construction of the 2 Classroom.

Kindly feel free to contact us at any time via email or phone for more details about our construction project and how you can send your donation.

Up dated 22/03/2010

We have started to construct a storage at our FORM plot. This storage will help us during the construction project. Already the foundation has been finished.We hope it will be ready by next week. For more information you can just see some photos at our photo Gallery!!

Up dated December 2009

We are on preparation of to start the foundation for the 2 Classrooms Building! Already we put some trips of stones at the FORM Plot, and some bags of cement has been purchased. We do pray for the funds for labor charge at this stage.

For some years FORM has been praying for a provision of Land. We thank God that has provide a Plot for FORM. The Plot is big enough for meeting our vision.

The Land has 65,157 squire meter ( which is equivalent of 16.10 acres). The land has been surveyed already.


Our Vision for the Land:
  • FORM believes that " Children grow well in families. Children who are cared by the families are more likely to thrive, as they receive kind love, attention, and care essential to well being. In addition, the daily life and  close relationships in a family create a good foundation to the Child for: social, self image and a self of belonging. Not only that it gives an opportunity to a Child to learn about value of his/her Culture, language, customs and all the necessary skills he/she will need for the future life when they are adults. So FORM has a big vision to build " a Children Village." The Children will be cared in a family style. Currently, FORM does not afford to pay for the rent for all the Foster Parents who are caring for our Children. By having "the FORM Children Village" it  will save the costs for rent  to the caregivers/Foster Parents.
  • Building a Nursery School, Primary School and  Secondary School
  • Establishing different small income generating  activities i.e Chicken project, gardens
Current Progress: We are organazing a big raising fund meeting here i Musoma, Tanzania which will be on 30th May 2009 for "Construction Purpose. The guest of honor will be Hon. Vedastus Manyinyi Mathayo (The MP of Musoma Town).

The first plan is to build 5 4bed room houses: Please have a look at our drawings. The actual cost of each building will be published on this page soon!

Ground Plan:

Dinning Hall:

Ground Plan for the Dinning:

This is  our site plan:

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