Faraja Orphans Rescue Ministry
Mobile: +255 784 600 325
Land: +255 28 26 22 815

Samuel Mpanilehi
Email: info@form-tz.org

Child protection policy for Faraja Orphans Rescue Ministry (FORM)

                                                                           Up dated January 2009

FORM is an interdenominational Organization, its main goal is to care for Vulnerable Children and Orphans in Tanzania. Therefore, the following are guideline to protect Children from being at risk of abuse.

  • When a FORM Child has a certain need that requires money, one of the FORM staffs or Volunteers should buy what she/he has requested. It is not allowed to give cash to a Child. This is to make sure the funds requested are being used accordingly. i.e. paying School fees, buying clothes, shoes, hospital bills etc
  • When a Child needs a specific counseling, this should be done according to a gender i.e. Man should provide counseling to a boy Child
  • All Children should be treated equal towards their physical and spiritual needs regardless  their religious , tribes and sex
  • All Children at the Center during the weekly meeting should be under care of the Childcare, FORM Volunteer or any FORM Staff. In any circumstance a Child should not be left a lone
  • All FORM staffs should be aware about the FORM discipline policy which does not include beating as a punishment.
  • FORM regards the Children from year 4-17 years old. From 18 years old we consider a boy or girl as an adult.















Note: This policy will be up dated when it is necessary

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