Faraja Orphans Rescue Ministry
Mobile: +255 784 600 325
Land: +255 28 26 22 815

Samuel Mpanilehi
Email: info@form-tz.org

Visit our school's website for current information and the growth of the Amani Pre-Primary and Primary School at:



 Our School Motto is:
The Fear of The LORD is the beginning of Wisdom






History of the School:

In 2007 we saw the need to open a young Children program, a " Nursery School". From 8:30 to 11: 30 am students worked on basic letters, numbers and colors in Swahili and English. The students received breakfast to fuel their learning. We also let other children from outside (who are not orphans/vulnerable children) join the school. We do charge them school fees to help us meet some of the School needs, e.g. salaries for the teachers and stationary.

We always had the vision to also run a Primary and Secondary School, so that all orphans can get the opportunity of a good education and by this find a way out of the poverty they are facing in their lives. All supported orphans who were not in Nursery School attended the schools of the government because of the unaffordable school fees of Private Schools. But in these schools many (more than 60 per cent) of the students fail the grade 7 exams so that they are not allowed to attend Secondary School.
So when we had the great opportunity to buy a plot, we started with our first Primary School class and started the construction of our own school buildings on the plot. Today, the Amani Primary School is registered by the government and is growing fast every year.

The following are some former teachers who worked as volunteers at our school. We still appreciate their help:
  • Sabrina Brooks , Stacy, Reen Ramsey (from AIM International in USA), 2008
  • Adrian Weisensee (from Neukirchener Mission in Germany,) 2008-2009
  • Andrea Hoesch, Hanna Schmiedecke (from Neukirchener Mission,) 2009-2010
  • Noomi Fromann, Hanna Wuelk (from Neukirchener Mission), 2010-2011
  • Judith Eisele (from Neukirchener Mission), 2010-2012
  • Martina Dietz, Victoria Graefenstein (from Neukirchener Mission), 2011-2012
  • Ines Jordan, Johanna Woerz (from Neukirchener Mission), 2012-2013
  • Franziska Elbe, Vanessa Herm (from Neukirchener Mission), 2013-2014

Amani students during the morning Assembly

The Amani students during sports time.

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